Redder Than Santa: Robert’s red Inter

Cruising through Ararat, my eye was bludgeoned by a brilliant red truck, and I thought to myself, Santas in red suits notwithstanding, that’s got to be the reddest thing I’ve seen all day! 

So, we pulled up so I could get some shots, and while I did the owner came over from his shed for a chat. Robert has owned the International R190 for eight years, six of which were spent restoring it. He takes it along to a few shows, even attending one in Alice Springs, which must have been an amazing and, frankly, uncomfortable trip – which is an odd thing to write, I suppose, given that this was a ‘king of the road’ in its day, and would have been used for long distance haulage, but I still doubt it was comfortable! Robert’s next project is a trailer to complement this beauty.

I love meeting classic vehicles and their owners, they’re usually more than happyto have a chat about their pride’n’joy, sometimes even willingly posing for a photo. Thanks Robert!

Fujifilm X30.

My Citroën DS: homeward bound, and a New Blog!

Meet Daphne, a 1974 Citroën D Special that I drove home from Adelaide on the weekend. Rather than tell you all about it here, may I suggest that you pop over to my new blog dedicated to car worship at

Photographed enroute at Yumali, a scarcely-one-horse town on the highway south of Tailem Bend.

Fujifilm X30; mild edits applied in Snapseed app.