My Citroën DS: homeward bound, and a New Blog!

Meet Daphne, a 1974 Citroën D Special that I drove home from Adelaide on the weekend. Rather than tell you all about it here, may I suggest that you pop over to my new blog dedicated to car worship at

Photographed enroute at Yumali, a scarcely-one-horse town on the highway south of Tailem Bend.

Fujifilm X30; mild edits applied in Snapseed app.


Warrnambool Botanic Gardens: unfurling II


Green goddess lilies are a favourite of mine, though I only came to know them in later life. These were unfurling prettily beside the bridge over the lake at the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens.

Big Sister Envy: Lorelei gets a dose of awe

This photo is neither very recent nor very good, but I came across it today while looking for something else, and it made me smile.

It reminds me of when I was a little girl, and my older sister seemed like a far-distant idol to be looked up to with awe and admiration. Admittedly, she and I came out of the same gene pool; whereas I doubt much could be further from the same gene pool as my humbled Eunos and the lithe, toned, self-assured Maserati alongside. (My spellchecker doesn’t even recognise “Eunos”, but doesn’t bat an eyelid at the “Maserati”. Unlike my simpering self.)

I remember feeling, on the day I returned to find this Italian goddess parked alongside my tiny JDM orphan, a bit chuffed that the driver had “chosen” to park alongside a (vaguely)similar vehicle, though maybe that wasn’t for reasons that could be considered kind. And as I never saw said driver, I’ll never know.