When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth: life before the Crewmadore


I personally find Holden Commodores and their variants excruciating; actually, that’s probably an unfair dismissal of these vehicles which is based solely upon my experiences with their drivers. I’m not saying all Commodore/variant drivers are appalling, but there have been times when this has been so. Many, many times. If a car is way over the white line or is forcing me off the road, 99 times out of 100 it’s a Commodore. There’s just a certain je ne sais quois about some of the people who choose these cars. Many of my friends drive Commodores (and drive them quite well), so I should probably shut up now.

Anyway, what’s this got to do with a Kingswood dual cab utility? Only that I suspect this car is the forerunner to the Crewman ute (a Commodore variant) popular in Australia among those who appreciate practicality with, well, practicality. And the sheer bloody-mindedness I associate with Commodore drivers.

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Bridgewater on Loddon

P3300103 collage

Happenstance brought us to the mystery town of Bridgewater on Loddon, half an hour’s drive from Bendigo; happenstance being our friends who found us accommodation in the mainly booked-out region so that we could join them at the eleventh hour on their planned trip to enjoy some of Bendigo’s Easter Festival.

Loddon – population under 400 – is blessed with a couple of handsome civic buildings, a lovely river only a hundred metres from our motel (perfect for recreational fishing and boating), a photography studio (the region is host to some 200 species of orchid, two of which are extremely rare there), and certainly made us feel welcome for our overnight stay.

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Bleak House (of God): a church in Bridgewater on Loddon


Strolling along the main street, I found myself at eye level with the base of this church and adjoining hall, set as it was on a bit of a rise.

I shot this image using my Olympus’ “Dramatic Tone” art mode, then edited it in Picasa to create this ghostly sepia effect.

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