Harrow Transport Museum: (almost)the last one out 

Brothers Don and Ray Pyers of Harrow are well known for their love of old cars, and for some time had a number from their own car collection on display at Harrow Transport Museum. With the museum being cleared out over recent months, I was fortunate to be passing by the day the last of their collection was being moved into alternative storage. This 1908 vehicle, restored by Don a few years ago, was put on a trailer and driven away only half an hour later. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this opportunity! 


Good Ole Boys: August morning tea run to Coleraine

18-8-16 Good Ole Boys club coffee run to Coleraine - collage

I am fortunate to be a member of the local car and bike club, the Good Ole Boys, based at Edenhope in the West Wimmera. Every month the members can join the morning tea run, organised by a couple of the gang, to visit various locations around the Wimmera and South East SA. This month I was able to go along on a brilliant, bright, late-winter day in my 1980 Chrysler Scorpion, and enjoyed coffee and cake at a local cafe before heading across the street to a vintage motorcycle shop where the owners have divided the space in halves, with one side showcasing the vintage motorcycles and associated tools, magazines, parts and more, while the other side features collectables.

SPIRALWISE FROM TOP LEFT: model 1955 Jawa; looking in from the front window; enticing display of old tools; the proprietor greeted the group with some enthusiastic tune-playing on the old organ; vintage magazines; Miss Polly and her trolley; solid old Singer sewing machine; two old blokes sharing a laugh; grinners are winners; photographing the photographer.

Fujifilm X30 with in-camera B&W(Red) filter; collage compiled in Picasa. 

My Button Jar: adventure with a new lens


After some investigation online into quirky lens alternatives for micro four thirds cameras, I uploaded the miserly sum of almost $35AUD to an eBay seller in a far away land, in return for which I received in the mail a CCTV lens with an adapter to use it with my Panasonic GX7. I had always wondered about these cheap lenses I had seen whilst browsing for ‘respectable’ lens options, but ultimately disregarded them as being inferior.

To my surprise, the lens weighs much more than its very small size indicates, and is easier to focus with the manual focus ring than expected. As there are no electrical connections between camera and lens adapter, setting the aperture and focus is completely manual, but this isn’t an issue when shooting stationary subjects.
I’m looking forward to trying it out in some different situations soon.
This was shot using the in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter, with no editing beyond cropping and adding a border with Snapseed app.