Hey, Santa Baby! What I wanted for Christmas 

Well folks, I hope Santa thought you’d been nice this year. I like to sort out my own gift from so-called Santa, and this year that was a new secondhand lens: a Panasonic 14-140 (28-280 ff equivalent) superzoom for my GX7. I gave it a whirl at Christmas lunch, knowing it’s a compromise lens, but despite it not being very fast, I’m not feeling too compromised in reasonably good light with unmoving subjects, like this Christmas table decoration. As expected, it was more of a compromise with moving people, especially during a flurry of gift unwrapping, but I’m hoping it will be my go-to general lens when light isn’t a problem. 

The Hoarder’s Collection: chainsaw fuel

Folks, I live with a bit of a hoarder: he has grown up with a “keep that, you might need it one day” ethos that many rural farmers have, and it proves useful more often than I’d care to admit! You see, I don’t have a lot of vision, so if I can’t clearly see a use for something right now then I’m likely to move it on. 

Consequently, I sometimes go “garage saling” in our shed when I’m looking for something that might suit my needs. Last night I found some wire crates to cover newly-planted seedlings with (sheep are undiscerning weeders), and spotted this collection of old jerry cans; they looked so appealing, I went back to the house for my camera. 

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with Panasonic-Leica 45mm f2.8. 

Glenelg River, Harrow: backwater reflections 

The Wimmera has received decent rains recently, and locals have been talking about it being a ‘normal’ winter like ‘twenty-five years ago’. The Glenelg River has been ‘up’, causing much interest for local tourists.

Panasonic Lumix GX7, 20mm f1.7 with in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter. Minor adjustments and border applied in Snapseed app. 

Yallakar State Forest: gently waving grasses 

Sometimes you need to see something soothing, so here’s something soothing. 

(I watched most of a PG rated film based on a book tonight that was highly acclaimed and awarded a few years ago; three quarters of the way through I realised that it was causing me sensory overload and distress, so stopped watching. It took a little while to recover.)