Venus Baths, Grampians: in monochrome 

A short walk from the central car park at Halls Gap, I had been wanting to visit Venus Baths since I first heard about that place from a friend last year; like many such wondrous places that one eventually gets around to visiting, I can’t imagine what took me so long. Recent good rains, plus more the previous night, ensured the rock pools and creek were lively with running water. The trail is clearly marked and is, despite there being some steps, easily navigated – as was evidenced by the presence of an enthusiastic mother of a toddler and babe-in-pram. 

Along one rock face I was surprised to see text chiselled into it from, I presume,  a century ago. Further along the trail I was delighted to find native maidenhair fern growing lushly on the side shaded from the afternoon sun. I am looking forward to visiting again at different times of the year.

Bells Beach, Victoria: what a bummer! 

I noticed this photographer, because he had a much bigger camera than mine and looked pretty serious. Especially when he seemed quite oblivious to how he changed the view for the rest of us when he got creative with the waves breaking over s rock. I’d be interested to see the results of his focus.

Fujifilm X30 with Provia film simulation; cropped and border applied in Snapseed app. 

Fossicking in Goldtown: flighty raven 

Walking past a laneway in Ballarat, a fossicking raven grabbed my attention. When I grabbed my camera and crept up on him, he flew up in calm alarm (really!) and flapped around without seeming desperate to leave. 

Fujifilm X30 with in-camera PRO Neg. Hi film simulation.