Friends always said what a cute couple they made…


Random chairs in a country Victorian woolshed; I liked how the two chairs stacked together reminded me of a couple, with one sitting on the other’s lap. Taken a couple of years ago, found in my drafts today!


Oldschool Literacy: reading – like charity – begins in the home

P5180882 collage

Just lately I have been pondering the plight of literacy in the children of our nation – apparently it is at a worrisome level. As I poked about in a friend’s shed recently, I noticed that I was drawn to text as a feature, whether as a decorative branding, or as information or instruction. This got me thinking that literacy surely begins in the home, where these days there is a wealth of text to a level previously unknown.

Imagine a humble farmer’s cottage a hundred or more years ago: how much text do you think was found therein? It was probably scant, and reserved mainly for books, bills, and the labels on consumables. Now, as I look around my own small home, words pop out at me from all over: words on my laptop, on the papers beside it, on the bills on the bench, on the calendar on the wall, on the appliances, on the books in the bookshelf…the list continues to the very perimeter of my environment.

For someone with inadequate literacy schools, how do they manage in a world overcome with the written word?

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Woolshed Love Affair: a new perspective on an old favourite


For a while, now, I have admired a certain little woolshed near where I live, featured in earlier posts that you can see here and here. Today I got to see it from a new perspective – from inside the paddock in which it sits, as I rode behind the grain truck in the fire unit while I was helping with harvest.

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