Lake Buninjon, Willaura: foamy shoreline 

My previous attempt to photograph Lake Buninjon, east of the Grampians near Willaura, was thwarted by heavy rain, and I’m not the hardy type. Happily, the next visit yielded good photo opportunities, as the late afternoon midwinter light was very appealing. 

Baileys Rocks, Wimmera: nature’s strange contrasts 

If I didn’t know otherwise, I would think this is a photo of a rock, but it’s actually the trunk of an old gum tree. On the left side, the bark had peeled back to reveal smooth waves, but on the right side lichen had colonised the surface. 

Speaking of contrasts, the last time I saw Baileys Rocks the creek was bone dry and the mosses were parched. After recent decent rains, the mosses were plump with water and the water burbled through the rocks. 

Regenerating the Cracks: pondering the gifts of not getting what you want 

Oftentimes, not getting what you don’t need is almost as good as getting what you need. That happened for me today, when what I wanted didn’t work out, and it was a bitter pill. But I know that, before long, new life will come to regenerate the cracks that have appeared, and I’ll adapt to the changing landscape of my life. That’s how we evolve into better versions of ourselves.