Happy Australia Day: silo art at Sheep Hills 

Along with many others, I’ve been musing on the notion of celebrating our love for Australia on a day that the first Australians think of as commemorating the invasion leading to European settlement and irreparable damage to an ancient culture. 

I don’t want to get all political about it, but I wanted to show you how we decided to celebrate this day. This is the new mural at Sheep Hills, between Minyip and Warracknabeal, featuring Wimmera Elders Ron Marks and Regina Hood, along with a young boy and a young girl, to acknowledge indigenous culture and knowledge. 

I’m so grateful to have been born in Australia, I love my country.


Adelaide’s Reflected Architecture: television 

I don’t know why this shot makes me think of television…maybe it’s the aerial reflected on the rooftop, or the boxed-in image of it and the pigeons.

Feast On Foot: eat your way through Adelaide 

Last month I grabbed some friends and indulged in an eating/walking tour of Adelaide, led by Carrie of Feast on Foot. We booked to do the dumpling tour, which started at the gates of Chinatown on Gouger Street, and made our way to four different eateries to try dumplings from a surprising variety of cuisines, beginning with Russian! My favourite was the tiny Korean eatery, just south of the railway station, where we picked the bowls clean.

Between venues Carrie showed us street art, sharing her passion for this currently popular art form.

It was a terrific way to spend the afternoon, with little guilt over the eating, due to all the walking!

Feast on Foot operates a few different tours around Adelaide CBD, you can find them online and on Facebook. 

Postcard from Geelong: Fight Cancer Foundation recycle shop


With my Canon FD 35mm f 2.8 clamped onto the beguiling retro OM-D E-M5, I took a deep breath and dived into some street photography in Packington Street in Geelong West. And when I say “street photography”, I really mean wimpy photos of inanimate and unobjecting objects in a shop window.

I’m sure I’ll become braver as I get more familiar with my kit!