Another of my recent inspirational graphic design pieces.

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The Field Beyond Ideas

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing - Rumi

Just lately I’ve been revisiting some of my older photos and turning them into graphic design projects with quotes. One of the first forms of photographic art I became enamoured of was photos in magazines; having a love of both images and words, I am particularly delighted with the pairing of both.

Since I haven’t been shooting anything interesting lately, I’ll post a few of my inspirational pieces here.

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A Private View: Saturday night in my place

P5191492 collage

Saturday night: my favourite French film, Amelie, screens on TV, but I have only half an eye for watching it as the unlikely-yet-undeniable urge to polish furniture (using the “Aged Bourbon” solid fragrance for polish, as it’s made with beeswax and vegetable oi – purchased here) and rearrange the little details of my home overtakes me.

I am fascinated by how putting together a storyboard of such images creates a feeling that I hope is a true representation of how others might see my home – or, at least, represents how see it. Certainly, it is a romanticised view – but then, isn’t that what humans are all about?

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Portrait of a Shearer


Barb started in the sheds at 15; she will be telling her story at the Pathways to Harrow 2013 event in October. I had the pleasure of visiting her today to go over her story for the event book, and to take a few photos. I’m really delighted with how this one of her – taken in a small woolshed she has worked in, which is located on the property where she lives – turned out.

You can read more about the Pathways to Harrow project in my previous post.

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Pathways to Harrow: the dinosaur at the gate


Last year I was involved with the first Pathways to Harrow project initiated and co-ordinated by the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre. The project involved five outstanding local women, and their stories of how they came to arrive and stay in the Harrow community; I was engaged as the designer and editor for the booklet that was produced.

This year the project continues with another five women, and today I went to visit one to start our journey – a shearer who was recently involved with Harrow’s widely publicised Ducks on the Pond at Clunie shearing fundraiser for charity. When I stepped out of my car to open the gate, I noticed there was a dinosaur attached to the fence. Naturally, I took its portrait.

When Googling “Pathways to Harrow” for this post, I was surprised to discover there’s a catalogue record for the booklet at the National Library of Australia. Bit chuffed, me (also surprised I didn’t realise, since I work in a library!)

You can read more about the Pathways to Harrow project here and here – the second link includes a radio podcast about P2H2013 with the project’s co-ordinator, Anita.

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Clunes Booktown 2013

Clunes Book Town 2013

Each year Clunes, a picturesque Goldfields village thirty minutes north of Ballarat, turns into an International Booktown – the main street is closed off, and popup bookstores appear in most of the shops, while book stalls line the footpaths. When a dear friend suggested a cultural outing, I didn’t immediately leap at the suggestion…until I saw the advertising for Clunes Booktown Festival and just knew it would be the perfect weekend destination for two librarians.

The interesting thing about the Booktown crowd was how subdued it was: despite the perfect autumn weather, live music, a Punch and Judy show, and kids’ activities, the crowd was very quiet, respectful as though in a large outdoor library. People didn’t jostle one another, or talk loudly on phones, or yell at their kids/dogs/each other. It was very civilised and soothing.

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