Seeking Inspiration I: road, valley, cloud


A photo that I saw this week online inspired me to take time away from my computer and get out on the road in search of a similar vista. It was a little frustrating, as I couldn’t find a place similar enough to the one in the picture, but common sense also told me that it was foolishness to think that it had to be similar.

In the end I returned to a place I’d once before tried unsuccessfully to photograph, and found three of the desired elements: a road winding up a hill towards magnificent clouds.


Simplicity of Three: bedside roses


It’s a joyous thing when you are greeted by fresh flowers from the garden – such as this beautifully simple arrangement by the bed of a “home away from home” that I stayed in a while ago. I was too lazy to pull out my “proper” camera, so used my phone’s Vignette app instead.

Garage Sale Goodies: getting things ready


Our village recently participated in a town wide garage sale (or “yard sale” as you may call it…a description I consider more appropriate to the task), with well over a dozen sales operating for a span of four hours on Saturday. Banding together is the only way to get buyers to visit a garage sale in a relatively remote place, and people flocked from near and far to haggle.

In the weeks leading up to the day, I skulked around in the garage and discovered lots of things to delight my eye, so I set about taking photos for this collage.

But I don’t think any of these items went out on the sale tables, and I’m glad. Please click to view full size.

Fulham Streamside Reserve: Lex and the lizard



Without any fuss or hesitation, Lex scooped up this rather large Sleepy Lizard (who was, we presumed, female, due to the two lizards pursuing her – no doubt with amorous intent) for a pat. She’s braver than I am…yes, I know they’re not at all frightening, or would do more than give you a clamp-like bite, but I have never been comfortable handling reptiles.

Please click to view full size.