Little Red Tiara: checking out a Japanese classic 

You all know I’m a car nut – have been since I was knee-high to a Matchbox car. Well, today on the phone my man told me about a little red car that I should go and see, so after finishing my lunch I did just that. 

This early ’60s Toyota Tiara has been owned by a local mechanic for a decade or so, but he finally decided to let it go to someone who might actually get around to restoring it. Happily, it was purchased from a nearby town, so hopefully we’ll see it around again. 

Check out the dash…push button auto! But where are the turn indicators? This tricky bit of design actually has them integrated with the horn ring. Beep beep tick tack!


Classic Citroen Club: reflectable


Do you remember the Mel and Kim song from the late ’80s, ‘Respectable’? When I saw this photo, that song popped into my head, substituting ‘reflectable’ for ‘respectable’. My mind goes to some strange places…

Anyway, I particularly like how the light coloured Citroen 2CV is reflected in the panel and side window of the dark coloured 2CV. How very reflectable.