Nearer to Home: Johnny Mullagh, World Famed Cricketer


In a similar theme to the previous posts, a quick cruise up to the Harrow Cemetery to give my car’s legs a stretch gave me this image.

Unaarrimin “Johnny Mullagh” was an aboriginal who was born on the outlying station of Mullagh; he learned to play cricket while working at another nearby station, and became famous for leading the world’s first international cricket team, which toured from Australia to England in 1868.

This simple headstone reveals little of his life’s importance to our cultural and sporting history. Much more information about Unaarrimin and the First Eleven can be found online, and a visit to Harrow Discovery Centre in our village is an informative way to spend an hour or more.


Highton Cemetery, Geelong: collage III


L-R from top: framed by trees; cherub; Arums – the traditional “death lily” – covering a grave in an unusual display; “At Rest”; hanging by a thread; “Peace Perfect Peace”; all-season floral tribute; an angel above; shattered.