Mirror in Manhattan: tea on Toorak Road


Four librarians had tea in Toorak at Manhattan Restaurant. One librarian, when faced with a mirror, took out her camera, sending the other three into hiding.


Stay With CWA: a night at the Country Womens Association

PB215251 collage

Staying at the Toorak CWA Bed and Breakfast recently was certainly a different experience, and one I’m glad to have had – the gracious old building, set in lush gardens in a quiet street, was full of nostalgic keepsakes from another era. While waiting to go out for tea, I rambled about, camera in hand, enjoying the little details.

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Where the Grass Grows Greener



I recently travelled to Melbourne for work. Being a passenger, I amused myself with some drive by shooting. Trawling through all the not-so-amusing resultant photos, I found this one, with a little lamb gazing longingly through the fence.

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Joy of Trucks: little details

PB175145 collage
Strange what amuses people; me, I’m enchanted by the things man has created, especially when it has something to do with transportation: I love old dials and gauges and dashboards, headlights, the curve of a bonnet (hood, for my USA followers), emblems and hood ornaments – even safety glass that has crazed into harmless little balls. Go figure.

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