Umpherston Sink-hole: duo 

I visited Umpherston Sink-hole, Mount Gambier SA, today, and was blown away by how spectacular it was, from top to bottom. Here’s the view of above-the-top from the bottom. 

Fujifilm X30, edited with Snapseed app.


Ballarat Botanical Gardens: the arms of giants


My favourite part of visiting the gardens was walking among giants – these giant sequoiadendrons (Redwoods) were planted in the first part of the nineteenth century, and are believed to be among the oldest in Australia. But these are merely adolescents in a species which can live ten times as long. One even had a branch hanging invitingly low, so I sat for a moment on it, feeling it sway from the high-up attachment point.

Hold it Lads!: preparing to descend


This shot was taken on-the-fly after stopping to take this previous photo, and we’d resumed driving. Something about the way the trees are arranged over the hill makes me think of a group of kids about to descend the hill to run crashing into the river below on a hot summer’s day.

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