Bool Lagoon, SA: over the boardwalk 

A visit to Bool Lagoon, in South Australia’s southeast region, after heavy spring rains showed vast expanses of water – a welcome sight after many disappointingly dry years. The boardwalks were all under water, this one by about a foot (30cm).

It will, no doubt, be worth returning to again soon see the birds that have returned to this important wildlife park.

Panasonic Lumix GX7 with 14-45mm lens. Mild adjustments made and border added in Snapseed app. 


Regenerating the Cracks: pondering the gifts of not getting what you want 

Oftentimes, not getting what you don’t need is almost as good as getting what you need. That happened for me today, when what I wanted didn’t work out, and it was a bitter pill. But I know that, before long, new life will come to regenerate the cracks that have appeared, and I’ll adapt to the changing landscape of my life. That’s how we evolve into better versions of ourselves.