Lifelike, But Dead: rhinoceros beetle


Dead beetles make interesting keepsakes because they don’t deteriorate quickly. This one was lying legs-up in the classic “dead bug” position, waiting to be taken home.*

Shot with Panasonic GX7 micro four thirds camera with 45mm Panasonic Leica macro lens (90mm equivalent), edited in Snapseed app.

*EDIT: I have been informed that this beetle is not a rhinoceros beetle, which is Australia’s largest beetle, but in fact a different kind of scarab, probably a dung beetle. Which is almost as awesome, because they are so useful in the natural world for breaking down dung (especially that of domestic farm animals) in readiness to become soil.

Once Were Warriors: GM Maple Leaf truck


This rusted old truck might once have been someone’s road warrior, valiantly taking to its tasks of hauling loads of produce to markets, building supplies for the neighbour’s new cottage, or shy teenagers to a country dance. Now it sits forlornly in the scrub, a far cry from its glory days.

Edgars State Forest: wintry summer walk


Sometimes I don’t feel like going for a walk on the roads close to home, so this track a few kilometres west of Harrow is another favourite, especially after rain when the scent of the native bushland is magnified. This photo, taken after a wintry summer’s day, reminds me of walks taken long ago through dripping pine forests near where I grew up. I was recently reminded of these times when I got in touch with a kindhearted man who gave me art lessons back then, and showed showed me new perspectives on art, life, music and cooking.