With Wild Abandon: Rapunzel as a boy

I could not believe my luck when this little blue elf, trailing along a village street with his mum, not only let me take his photo, but happily twirled beside these rose bushes for my camera. To be honest, I had never met a young chap who delighted in popping on a flounce dress, but he owned it so confidently. 

Some people might consider this behaviour a bit outside the norm, but who cares? Certainly not ‘Rapunzel’ here (the headscarf was his approximation of flowing, climb-able locks), who was completely happy in his wild, child’s abandon. And not his mum, clearly supportive of her son’s right to wear a dress if he chooses. 

He made me smile out loud, and this time I didn’t hesitate to ask to take some photos. Bless! 

Lake Wallace, Edenhope: pier at dusk, early summer 

Like many who moved, or were born, here after the drought turned the lake into a puddle (at most), I have never seen Lake Wallace full. But, while the lake itself is lovely, what amazed me most the evening this shot was taken was the foreshore atmosphere: family groups spread along the banks, enjoying a meal and activities with friends and dogs; motor boats on the water; people cruising by; it felt pretty great to among them. 

The locals who grew up here remember it being fuller than it is now, with yachting another favourite pastime. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good follow-up season to keep the lake in good health, and bring visitors to this special part of Victoria. 

Bottle, Cicadas, Lake: getting something right 

As a passionate amateur photographer, I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about photography, and less time doing it. After a few years with the micro four thirds system, I have tried a number of cameras from Olympus and Panasonic, and am still trying to get the right kit together. I have a couple of nice prime lenses now – all second hand, as my cameras also are – but I still slosh about in my practise like an unconfident landlubber in a dinghy. 

Yesterday I put my 20mm pancake lens on to take photos at a social event at dusk – wide aperture for low-light capability, small lens for discretion, and an effective focal length near to ‘normal’; I thought it would go well, but I forgot that I am not comfortable being that close to the action in a social setting. Consequently, I got no photos of said action, and went home feeling sad about my own shortcomings.

At least I got a couple of photos of non-human subjects, which is much more my style anyway.

Olympus Pen E-PL5 with Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens. Straight out of camera.