Happy Australia Day: silo art at Sheep Hills 

Along with many others, I’ve been musing on the notion of celebrating our love for Australia on a day that the first Australians think of as commemorating the invasion leading to European settlement and irreparable damage to an ancient culture. 

I don’t want to get all political about it, but I wanted to show you how we decided to celebrate this day. This is the new mural at Sheep Hills, between Minyip and Warracknabeal, featuring Wimmera Elders Ron Marks and Regina Hood, along with a young boy and a young girl, to acknowledge indigenous culture and knowledge. 

I’m so grateful to have been born in Australia, I love my country.

Lake Wallace, Edenhope: pier at dusk, early summer 

Like many who moved, or were born, here after the drought turned the lake into a puddle (at most), I have never seen Lake Wallace full. But, while the lake itself is lovely, what amazed me most the evening this shot was taken was the foreshore atmosphere: family groups spread along the banks, enjoying a meal and activities with friends and dogs; motor boats on the water; people cruising by; it felt pretty great to among them. 

The locals who grew up here remember it being fuller than it is now, with yachting another favourite pastime. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good follow-up season to keep the lake in good health, and bring visitors to this special part of Victoria. 

Australian Gothic, Bendigo: playing with perspective 

Walking around Bendigo city after tea revealed some interesting sights, particularly this Gothic decoration on a civic building, thrown into graphic nor by clever lighting.

I had a go at using the perspective adjustment tool in Snapseed, which I haven’t previously attempted. To be honest, it would have been easier on a screen much larger than my phone’s, but it was a good experiment. 

Here’s the original unedited image, taken with my Fujifilm X30 with in-camera B&W (Red) filter:

Centre Lake, Douglas: green and grey

The tiny hound and I went for a drive to see the lakes out at Douglas, which are looking lovely now that they are mostly full. We pattered about along the edge of Centre Lake, resisting the urge to dash after a fleeing hare (him) or splash in the shallow water and sink calf-deep in mud (me).

Fujifilm X30, edits and border applied in Snapseed app. 

Lake Buninjon, Willaura: dreamy landscape in monochrome 

In this shot I decided to focus on the grasses in the foreground, allowing the rest of the image to be unfocussed to take on a dreamy quality. 

Fujifilm X30 with in-camera B&W filter. Slight adjustments and border applied in Snapseed app.