Friends always said what a cute couple they made…


Random chairs in a country Victorian woolshed; I liked how the two chairs stacked together reminded me of a couple, with one sitting on the other’s lap. Taken a couple of years ago, found in my drafts today!


The Ruin Within: landscape with Emily Dickinson


Some photos lend themselves to being changed utterly in post editing. This one, taken on a clear late spring day, started life looking quite different to how it ended up after editing with Snapseed app. I thought it suited Dickinson’s writing tone, so added her words to complement it using Pixlr app.
Here’s the original unedited photo taken with Olympus XZ2:


Feasting on Yackas: the butterfly


As I drove along a country lane, I noticed a small clump of flowering yacka spears, so turned back to take a closer look. The heads were alive with various insects feeding on the nectar, but I found it difficult to get shots that told the story. I was glad when this butterfly paused from its bingeing long enough for me to get it in focus.
Olympus XZ2, f5 @ 1/625s. Edited in Snapseed app.