Strolling Hepburn Springs: greenery sublime

Having moved to a part of the country where the deep, deciduous greenery of foreign trees isn’t very common, more than ever I am captivated by old trees like this walnut, which entirely embowered our room in the old boarding house we stayed at in Hepburn Springs. From my perch at this window, I gazed out, enchanted, into the walnut’s glorious canopy.

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with 14-140mm II lens; edited with Snapseed app. 

Strolling Hepburn Springs: through the archway

I love the intriguing glimpse of a beautiful home; lucky me, I got to venture beyond the archway and explored the grounds of this old guesthouse in Hepburn Springs, which would delight any child or childlike adult who loves a rambling garden, with overgrown terraces leading down to a dilapidated tennis court below.
Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with 14-140mm II lens; edited with Snapseed app.

Hey, Santa Baby! What I wanted for Christmas 

Well folks, I hope Santa thought you’d been nice this year. I like to sort out my own gift from so-called Santa, and this year that was a new secondhand lens: a Panasonic 14-140 (28-280 ff equivalent) superzoom for my GX7. I gave it a whirl at Christmas lunch, knowing it’s a compromise lens, but despite it not being very fast, I’m not feeling too compromised in reasonably good light with unmoving subjects, like this Christmas table decoration. As expected, it was more of a compromise with moving people, especially during a flurry of gift unwrapping, but I’m hoping it will be my go-to general lens when light isn’t a problem.