Spotto Your Dream: HR panel van 

Looking – to my eye – like a retro ad for earthworks or something similar, I had to turn around after this scene caught my eye, and I had finished internally processing the image, so I could take a photo. A Holden HR panel van is on my pipedream list of cars to own (mainly so I can call it HR Puff’n’stuff, har har, which may not be a very original thought), so finding one in a great industrial site was my catch of the day. 

Fujifilm X30, edited with Snapseed app. 


Once Were Warriors: GM Maple Leaf truck


This rusted old truck might once have been someone’s road warrior, valiantly taking to its tasks of hauling loads of produce to markets, building supplies for the neighbour’s new cottage, or shy teenagers to a country dance. Now it sits forlornly in the scrub, a far cry from its glory days.