Looks Like Christmas: Ford Mainline ute


This beauty was parked across the road from a Christmas gathering I attended in Harrow tonight with the local car and bike club, and I was struck by how festive it looked, parked against the green hedge. I wouldn’t mind finding it parked under my Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Pleasure of Lines: drawing you in


Often, it isn’t until later that I understand why a scene or image draws my eye. Looking at this photo I took yesterday I now see the slope of the roof echoes the slope of the ute’s windscreen, and the line of fence posts lead the eye into the photo then up the chimney.

Shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 using 35mm Canon FD f 2.8 in grainy black and white art mode.

Murtoa Garage: looking for a ute in a haystack


Wandering around Murtoa, I happened across a shed with a slightly-opened door right beside the road. How could I resist squeezing my camera through the crack and snapping this old gem, stabled with what looked like an entire haystack??

Please click image to view full size.