Little Red Tiara: checking out a Japanese classic 

You all know I’m a car nut – have been since I was knee-high to a Matchbox car. Well, today on the phone my man told me about a little red car that I should go and see, so after finishing my lunch I did just that. 

This early ’60s Toyota Tiara has been owned by a local mechanic for a decade or so, but he finally decided to let it go to someone who might actually get around to restoring it. Happily, it was purchased from a nearby town, so hopefully we’ll see it around again. 

Check out the dash…push button auto! But where are the turn indicators? This tricky bit of design actually has them integrated with the horn ring. Beep beep tick tack!


The Hoarder’s Collection: chainsaw fuel

Folks, I live with a bit of a hoarder: he has grown up with a “keep that, you might need it one day” ethos that many rural farmers have, and it proves useful more often than I’d care to admit! You see, I don’t have a lot of vision, so if I can’t clearly see a use for something right now then I’m likely to move it on. 

Consequently, I sometimes go “garage saling” in our shed when I’m looking for something that might suit my needs. Last night I found some wire crates to cover newly-planted seedlings with (sheep are undiscerning weeders), and spotted this collection of old jerry cans; they looked so appealing, I went back to the house for my camera. 

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with Panasonic-Leica 45mm f2.8. 

Once Were Warriors: GM Maple Leaf truck


This rusted old truck might once have been someone’s road warrior, valiantly taking to its tasks of hauling loads of produce to markets, building supplies for the neighbour’s new cottage, or shy teenagers to a country dance. Now it sits forlornly in the scrub, a far cry from its glory days.

Rusty Car Door: colourfully derelict


The rich hues of rusted and lichen-encrusted car panels is a thing of joy to me – sure, a car that’s been fully restored with impeccable paintwork is lovely, but there’s something so softly beautiful about the ravages of time.

Another thing that has always intrigued me (ever since there was a busted-up Land Rover in my childhood back yard) is the pebbling of smashed automotive glass.

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