Classic Citroen Club: 15 Lights


Fujifilm X30, shot with Classic Chrome in-camera filter, converted to BW and warmed in Snapseed app.


Identify This Car: who recognises the make and model?


With a lack of any badges to help me identify this derelict sedan, I’m at a loss; can anyone tell me what this is? (Not the one in the background – I know what that is!)

Please click image full size to identify car.

A Car Beyond: (beyond what? What’s beyond??)


Silly questions, really – but as I wrote the title for this post, I wondered for a moment in what way I meant it; was I referring the condition of the car in the foreground – or to the car beyond it, in the background?

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Rusty Car Door: colourfully derelict


The rich hues of rusted and lichen-encrusted car panels is a thing of joy to me – sure, a car that’s been fully restored with impeccable paintwork is lovely, but there’s something so softly beautiful about the ravages of time.

Another thing that has always intrigued me (ever since there was a busted-up Land Rover in my childhood back yard) is the pebbling of smashed automotive glass.

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Girl Loves Car: in love with a Scorpion



Earlier this year I bought my first “modern classic” car – a 1980 Chrysler GH Scorpion, designed by Mitsubishi and built in Adelaide, Australia. As I’m quickly discovering, old car ownership can be a joyous thing, tempered by pockets of sorrows – like the day it broke down recently while on my way to visit friends interstate. Alas, the car stayed where it was while I took a borrowed car on that journey, so the anticipation of showing her off to my friends was curtailed. Never mind, there will be more opportunities.

This photo was taken the day I shot the photos of a shearing shed; as I got back in the driver’s seat, I was momentarily arrested by the view through the window and behind the car.

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Naracoorte Swap Meet: pause and reflect (Aston Martin DBS)


Unless you’re an admirer, it’s probably not apparent from this image that this is the cockpit of an Aston Martin DBS. With its sleek red coachwork and understated details, it was a bit of a scene-stealer at the 2014 Naracoorte Swap Meet.

Completely by chance I got chatting with the owner, who – it turns out – isn’t much of a car enthusiast, but collects David Brown tractors and stationary engines. The reason for his acquisition of the V8 DBS (of which the “DB” stands for David Brown) was because of the connection: in 1948 Brown acquired Aston Martin (and then Lagonda in the following year).

This vehicle was built in 1969 for release in 1970, and is the model featured in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The owner admitted he seldom drives it, and can’t bear to miss a swap meet.

It’s amazing, the stories you hear.

I had tried to create greater coverage with my body to prevent capturing the reflection of the neighbouring Mercedes Benz, but in the end I really liked how this turned out.

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