Winter Wood Gathering: tiny realm


Gathering firewood, I noticed a strange growth on the top of a small branch; when I turned it over, this is what I found. I counted twenty toadstools growing inside its hollow.


Pajero Road: devil’s twine curtain


Taking a moment away from the conked-out Pajero, I wandered up the sandy track, encountering this pretty curtain of devil’s twine, or dodder laurel (Cassytha genus), hanging over the path.

The Upward Reach: lessons in life, grief, and family


After such a promising title, I don’t feel much urge to discuss it further. It’s been ten years (and two lifetimes) since you went beyond, and time does not stand still. More than anything else, I feel grateful for the time we had, and for the legacy you left.
You are always in our hearts.

Praying Mantis: a botched macro attempt

P6081312 collage

One of the things I miss most about my Olympus XZ-1 is its fantastic super macro mode, which allowed a focus of around 1cm from your subject. The kit lens on my Olympus E-PL3 doesn’t have any kind of macro facility, which is lamentable. Recently I decided to splash out and buy a longer zoom, which I have been forcing myself to use ever since – not with a great deal of pleasure, it must be said.

Anyway, I had only this lens with me when I spotted this praying mantis, and decided to try it out for macro…not successfully. Despite its light weight, it’s still too long at it’s furthest extension to be easy for me to hold steady. And, of course, the image quality suffers terribly at that length anyway.

Don’t bother clicking image to view full size.

Hold it Lads!: preparing to descend


This shot was taken on-the-fly after stopping to take this previous photo, and we’d resumed driving. Something about the way the trees are arranged over the hill makes me think of a group of kids about to descend the hill to run crashing into the river below on a hot summer’s day.

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Tree Bark Tiles: admiration of a grand old gum tree

P5180826 collage

It’s easy to become blase about our natural surroundings, and to take for granted that which others may no have the privilege of experiencing on a daily basis. Where I live, red gums are prolific: indeed, I live in a town with a river (barely larger than a creek) which is thickly bordered by red gums.

Out collecting firewood in a farm paddock, I often like to take a moment to examine the tree which has shed limbs that give us warmth. OneĀ particular tree yielded up these images (and dozens more) just on one branch.

How about some tiles like these in your kitchen?

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