Jubilee Lake, Daylesford: contented duck 

I haven’t felt like posting for a while – mainly I keep up my instagram account, @melanieylang, and I have been otherwise engaged of late. A recent trip to Daylesford was a great chance to take some nice shots, though. 

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with 14-140mm lens. Edited with Snapseed app. 


Glenelg River, Harrow: backwater reflections 

The Wimmera has received decent rains recently, and locals have been talking about it being a ‘normal’ winter like ‘twenty-five years ago’. The Glenelg River has been ‘up’, causing much interest for local tourists.

Panasonic Lumix GX7, 20mm f1.7 with in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter. Minor adjustments and border applied in Snapseed app. 

Classic Citroen Club: reflectable


Do you remember the Mel and Kim song from the late ’80s, ‘Respectable’? When I saw this photo, that song popped into my head, substituting ‘reflectable’ for ‘respectable’. My mind goes to some strange places…

Anyway, I particularly like how the light coloured Citroen 2CV is reflected in the panel and side window of the dark coloured 2CV. How very reflectable.

Camperdown Botanic Gardens: rockpools


But are they? Look again… As I wandered around the Camperdown Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, I was fascinated by how much these tiny pools of water, collected in the crevices of an ancient olive tree, looked just like rock pools.