Glenelg River Reflections: barbed wire and ripples 

Panasonic Lumix GX7 with 20mm f1.7 lens, in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter. Adjustments made and border applied in Snapseed app. 


Burnt Out Cars: sadness and beauty


A friend took me to see his collection of old Holdens which were burnt out in the recent bushfires in the northern Grampians. With a growing sense of wonder and appreciation for this photographic opportunity, I got closer to the wreckage to see details, such as charred paintwork and melted plastics.

This photo was shot on my smartphone. Watch this space for photos taken on my Olympus.

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Wolseley Tail Lights (with beer can)


This darling old Wolseley sat in the scrub, quietly decomposing, and I happened upon it as the late afternoon sunlight was hitting the tail lights. Note the beer can, crumpled into the fuel tank opening.

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Grace and Dignity: old fuel pump in a park


Yesterday I visited the home of a couple in their eighties, who are as gracious and stately as their home, which is surrounded by open parkland before the landscape merges with their farmland.

As I drove in I noticed, not for the first time, this handsome old fuel pump, surrounded by deciduous trees; it put me in mind of a debonair Fred Astaire-type  in top hat and tails, so I gave it the black and white treatment.

I had the Olympus 15mm f8 body cap lens on, which I’m not really loving, but the light was strong enough for the images to be acceptable, particularly as I was shooting using the Grainy Black and White art mode.

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