Hills Garage, Merino: vintage colour or black and white? 

Which version do you prefer? 


All The Things! Edenhope Antiques


With a few free hours, I went with a friend to Edenhope Antiques to try out her new camera, a Canon G3X; that is, she tried it out, while I made do with my humble Fujifilm X30. Not to worry, though, since I love this little camera – it lacks the sharpness and low light capabilities of my Panasonic GX7 with the 20mm f1.7 attached, but that’s to be expected. What it lacks in ultimate image quality, it makes up for with more convenient size and variability in a handsome form.
I only saved a handful of photos from the trash can on my screen, and even knowing how much sharper and cleaner they would have been if taken with the Panasonic, I’m happy with the imperfections.

Fujifilm X30 with in-camera custom black and white (red filter) setting; I applied a mild vignette and border with Snapseed app on my phone.

Narrapumelap Homestead, Wickliffe: pond with stone wall


I was charmed by this simplest of water features: a tiny spout trickled water from the lower stone arch, falling into the smallish pond below.
Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with 20mm f1.7 lens, shot with in-camera “dynamic monochrome” filter and mildly edited with Snapseed app.

My Good Dog: resigned patience


This little dog has been my loyal companion for the past decade, a fact which surprises me somewhat, since he’s often not particularly companionable! While he loves a walk, or a visit to the farm, or a drive just about anywhere, when not actively engaged he prefers to be in his kennel, or napping in the sun or a warm chair, seldom near me.
He is resigned to his lot in life: to pose for the camera without complaint, almost any time I ask, in return for a peaceful life.

Teapot Congo Line: a welcoming display


Making a quick stop in Beaufort on the way to Ballarat Swap Meet, I was enticed closer by this row of aluminium teapots on the window sill. Unfortunately though, the side-street cafe was closed.
This photo is the first of a “one camera one lens” series, shot with Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 using 20mm f1.7 lens and in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter. I did no editing, other than to apply a border with Snapseed app.

Fletcher Jones Gardens: light in the gloom


You camera collectors out there, you know that feeling when you use a camera with IQ that’s less than you like, but nevertheless surprises you with how good it is considering? That, coupled with an utterly joyous shooting experience is why I love my imperfectly perfect Fujifilm X10 compact camera.
This image was shot with in-camera black and white film simulation mode, and slight contrast and structure adjustments applied in Snapseed app.

Abandoned Caravan Window: the ghost within


Sometimes we make images that capture far more than seemed to be present in the originally viewed scene: in editing this photo in the Snapseed app, the main subject seemed to me to be the curtain, hung precisely in the middle of this abandoned caravan’s window, and its ghostly quality like that of a long-ago girl’s petticoat.