Train, Silo, Mill: dusk in Horsham


Olympus E-PL3 with 45mm (90mm ff equivalent) lens f2.5 @ 1/200s. Edited in Snapseed app.


Three Tractors: a rural counting story


This image makes me think of a child’s picture book of counting.

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Men at Work: getting the windmill going

P4260157 collage

I love, love, love watching people doing good with their hands – in the kitchen, at the craft table, in the garden, on the farm… When father and son went out to fix the windmill, I asked if there was room for me in the ute – there was (barely), and I made good use of my time snapping away as they worked. The dogs, Ginny & Twinkles (I think I’ll call them G&T for short!), came along for the ride, and kept me company while the men worked.

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My Favourite Dogs: Twinkles & Ginny


Twinkles & Ginny are my favourite farm dogs – Kelpies – who go everywhere together. Ginny is the slightly-more-sensible elder, and Twinkles is as silly as a wheel. I love the little game of “getting to know you – again” that we play every time I see them: they start out being all coy and standoffish, and usually end up vying with each other for a pat.

Please click image to view the farmboy up the windmill tower.

Silos Beneath Arapiles: a study in denim and white

P1066067 collage

A quick trip round the back of nearby Mount Arapiles took me past these small grain silos. When I walked across the road to get closer (and eliminate the fence from my shot), I noticed the fence post was covered with snails – a fairly common sight in this type of farmland.

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