Australian Native Plants: swirly stars 

I don’t rightly know what this plant, growing in a public garden in Ararat, is called. 

Fujifilm X30, edited with Snapseed app. 


In My Garden: white mulberry 

It’s usually the first of the summer fruits to ripen, but this season had disruptions and the fruit didn’t ripen on the first or second setting. At least it still had lovely green foliage to soothe the eye in the heat. 

Fujifilm X30, edited with Snapseed app. 

Natimuk Farmers Market: the book browser 

As much as I love the genre, like many would-be street photographers I struggle with aiming my camera lens directly at people; my mother taught me that it’s rude to point, rude to stare, and taking photos of people out and about feels like committing both these rudenesses! 

At the last Natimuk Farmers Market I had my Fujifilm X30 at the ready, viewfinder tilted for shooting from the waist, so I galvanised myself into taking the shot when I saw this interesting-looking character stooped at a secondhand book stall.

Fujifilm X30, converted to monochrome and edited in Snapseed app.