Barbed Wire and Roses: the perfect place to raise a family 

Fujifilm X30, edited with Snapseed app. 


Australian Gothic, Bendigo: playing with perspective 

Walking around Bendigo city after tea revealed some interesting sights, particularly this Gothic decoration on a civic building, thrown into graphic nor by clever lighting.

I had a go at using the perspective adjustment tool in Snapseed, which I haven’t previously attempted. To be honest, it would have been easier on a screen much larger than my phone’s, but it was a good experiment. 

Here’s the original unedited image, taken with my Fujifilm X30 with in-camera B&W (Red) filter:

Lake Buninjon, Willaura: dreamy landscape in monochrome 

In this shot I decided to focus on the grasses in the foreground, allowing the rest of the image to be unfocussed to take on a dreamy quality. 

Fujifilm X30 with in-camera B&W filter. Slight adjustments and border applied in Snapseed app. 

Glenelg River, Harrow: backwater reflections 

The Wimmera has received decent rains recently, and locals have been talking about it being a ‘normal’ winter like ‘twenty-five years ago’. The Glenelg River has been ‘up’, causing much interest for local tourists.

Panasonic Lumix GX7, 20mm f1.7 with in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter. Minor adjustments and border applied in Snapseed app.