Santa’s Little Helpers: lost hats


I overheard tiny voices in the undergrowth at the Coleraine arboretum, complaining about some missing hats and worrying that they’d cop a hiding from Santa for losing them again. So I took a photo to put up a LOST notice for the worried elves.
Just kidding – Santa’s not real.

Oh, Mister Lincoln!

This morning when I was out cutting roses, I suddenly remembered to look for Mister Lincoln, who was given to me by a dear friend when we moved here. Despite other roses flourishing in the garden, in the past two and a half years since planting him, he hasn’t looked at all happy, and I was planning to move him in the new year. So, when I turned from the prolifically-flowering Rugosa type pink rose and caught sight of this solo bloom at the top of a very tall stem – with not a single other bud to be seen – I exclaimed “Oh, Mister Lincoln!” And then promptly cut off his head. 

The fabulous bloom is now perfuming my home with its heavy scent.