Leafy Resting Place: old Falcon wagon 

I haven’t posted here for a while – sometimes life gets busy and you need to focus elsewhere. It’s been weird not posting, as I have posted most days since I started this blog, but I don’t feel that I’m going to be able to post regularly for a while. Please bear with me!


My Autumn Garden: leaves not yet fallen


Looking for more subject to point my new Fujian 35mm f1.7 CCTV lens at, I noticed that there were lots of dried and curled leaves on the white mulberry tree. I wonder when they’ll drop?
And how about that lovely unconventional bokeh back there? This lens is a cracker!

Feathers and Foliage in Monochrome: a (very) brief study

A while back I shot these photos using the grainy black & white mode on my Olympus XZ-1, and was very much in love with how it drew me back to an imagined time of shooting on black and white film.

The truth is that, while I do have a love of black and white film photography, the nearest I ever came to creating it was shooting with 35mm C41 film, which you can read more about here. (And then explain it to me, if you like!) Nevertheless, it instilled a love for monochrome that will never let up.

Now that I have a digital camera that shows you on the LCD screen how an image will turn out, it takes the guesswork – and perhaps some of the romance also – out of photography. Although when you have the option of twisting a knob to change the look completely to, say, pinhole or diorama effects, this is a feature that outweighs the lack of nostalgia.

One thing that I’ve noticed with the grainy black & white mode is that it doesn’t handle brightly lit subjects quite so well, and really prefers an overcast day. The photos taken here were made on just such a day.