Greetings from Geelong: vintage goes industrial II


This is the other end of the press in yesterday’s post. I liked the subtle colours so much that I’ve left this one unedited – I didn’t even find a frame to suit it well.
Shot with Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.


Around Goroke: ride with me


On a day of small town pleasures, another wonderful vintage bike presented itself.

Greetings from Geelong: vintage goes industrial


On my last visit to this industrial port city West of Melbourne, I shied away from the bustling shopping district and concentrated on looking for older industrial areas by the shore.

This time I visited a vintage and salvage warehouse business, itself housed in an old factory where, until only recently, car springs were manufactured. As I walked towards the far corner, where morning light illuminated this huge vintage press, I cooed with excitement.

Wouldn’t you love to have somewhere to display such a magnificent piece?

Forlorn and Forsaken: now, more than ever


About eighteen months ago, I first saw this cottage near St Arnaud on my way to Bendigo, and it beckoned me to stop. I consequently wrote this post, giving homage to the “quintessential derelict country Victorian cottage”.

Returning home recently from the Goldfields, the cottage beckoned once again and I took another look, noticing the further dishevelment that had befallen it. In particular I noticed the two “old friends”, the chairs, formerly placed conversationally on the veranda and the subject of another post, had been kicked over and now lay in sad disarray.

Sometimes I fear for my own old age, and what might befall me then.

I hope you will click on the links to see how things were only a brief while ago.

Destroyed by Fire: Wesleyan Methodist Church ruins, Tarnagulla


This charred shell of a grand old country church sits on a low rise in the Goldfields town of Tarnagulla, west of Bendigo.

The foundation stone was laid in October 1864, and the church opened in 1865 with a seating capacity of 300. It was damaged by fire in 2000, and is now privately owned – presumably by someone with a sense of humour, as there is a flock of pink plastic flamingos posted around the front.