Magic in Action: car door with tiny moss landscape


When you really start to “feel” your subject, and you get close enough to appreciate the tiny, absurd details, that’s when magic happens.

Flowering moss growing on the inside of a car door, recently burnt in the northern Grampians fires.

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Still Standing Tall: a stalwart chimney


How often have you driven past a pile of long-fallen rubble and marvelled at the chimney, the only feature of a house still standing? That will never happen to this chimney, the only structure in this house that didn’t fall under the roaring wave of recent bushfire, as it will soon be demolished and the whole site cleaned up by the local council.

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Statue of Liberty: a dead tree beckons

Out for a walk with the dogs, I was drawn to this craggy, dead gum tree. Challenged to take a photo with the words “surely you can do something with that!”, I took this upward shot.

Looking at it later, it reminded me of the Statue of Liberty.

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Out for a

Feasts Motor Museum: more Valiants than you can poke a stick at


Filled to overflowing with a surprising number of Valiants (mainly R and S series, given variety with a Charger, a Safari wagon, and a couple of Dodge Lancers), Feasts car museum at Pt Macdonnell was a great place to explore on a rainy weekend.

The most interesting vehicle was the yellow Ambulance, which had been converted back to a family wagon.

There are plenty of other things to see, as there are many displayed vintage objects, including bicycles and powered bikes, scooters, sewing machines, old tools, and much more.

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La Vie et la Mort: further explorations


Following the previous project, I decided to elaborate by switching back to using my PEN, while sticking to the square format, then importing the images to my phone so I could process the shots using the Vignette app, as before.

Unsurprisingly, the images we’re generally sharper and better exposed.

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A Day at the Races: Ford focus

I attended the local horse race at the weekend, through no fault of my own. Each time the horses were on the gallop, I was nowhere near them, until I tired of being with (the very pleasant) people and wandered back to the car to read for a while. Which gave me better access with no crowd to wade through, and I got this shot – naturally, a motor vehicle was the main focus!

Until I got this close, I had no idea jockeys make cries like angry crows, or tennis players, while giving it a crack. Their horse, that is, with the crop. What a peculiar occupation.

This photo was cropped, and given a treatment with Pixlr. The next photo was processed on my phone using Vignette app for Android, for a quite different retro feel.

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