Insect and Whitegoods: getting close to an ichneumon fly

P1267112 collage

I just read that an ichneumon fly is actually not a fly, but a parasitic wasp, so my title is already incorrect. And, truthfully, I’m not actually certain this is an ichneumon wasp, but it’s what I’ve known as one. Can anyone set me straight?

These shots were taken indoors in low light, while the creature cavorted on a fridge, and the focus isn’t as sharp as I’d have liked.

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Far Flung Toys: little dogs need rest too

P1267088 collage

While their owner went out for the afternoon, her four little dogs (Shih Tzu and Maltese terrier crosses) settled in for some serious nap time, looking for all the world like toys that had been abandoned when playtime was over. They were pretty patient about me getting up close to take their portraits – all except for the dog at bottom right, who refuses to look at any camera pointed in her direction. Isn’t that odd, for a diva?!

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My Parched Garden: nashi pear

Like most people round where I live, my garden is looking the worse for wear from the past few weeks of high temperatures, including a number of days over 40C (110F!). The fruit trees are dropping their fruit from stress, and what fruit doesn’t drop is being savaged by parrots and cockatoos – not that I mind terribly anymore, as they’re quite pretty to look at, and they obviously need to bite every piece of fruit once before tossing it on the ground, far more than I  need to eat it.

This nashi still has quite a lot of fruit on it, but it’s been burned by the sun and they’re starting to split, and the leaves are quite crispy too. As I peered inside the canopy with my lens, I took delight in the particularly spotty skin of this splitting fruit.

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Red, White, Blue: catching a car club at rest

P1256990 collage

A Victorian car club had assembled in a hotel car park in Mount Gambier, where I was visiting, and nothing makes me happier than wandering around, taking photos of paintwork, chrome, and headlights – even on a very bright, hot day. It was only a small group, but they had some really interesting models.

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