Cocky Carnage: “looks like someone had a pillow fight with a cocky…”

P8243542 collage

Alright, so maybe this post isn’t in the best of taste, but every time I drive past a dead cocky – be it one sad corpse, or an entire shattered posse – my mind shouts out the phrase “cocky carnage!” and I think that one day I’ll get a photo of this sight familiar to Australia travellers. Usually it starts out looking like someone had a pillow fight on the road, then you notice things that look a bit like white plastic bags scattered on the ground – only, of course, they’re dead birds.

This poor chap had its wing ripped clean off and deposited on the middle of the road.

Next time, I’ll endeavour to get you a photo of more than one dead bird, for the sake of Tarantinoesque OTT carnage, reminiscent of The Bride and The Crazy 88 in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

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River Reflections: Glenelg River, Balmoral


I’ve been to Balmoral many times, but I had never taken the time to discover – let alone walk – the walking trail beside the Glenelg River.

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Rex Theatre, Charlton: worth pulling over for


Driving back from Cohuna, we passed through the town of Charlton; when I caught sight of the gorgeous old Art Deco picture theatre, I simply had to stop to take a photo – especially when such a retro movie title was being advertised!