Dogs On Utes: a great pretender


He loves visiting “the girls” at the farm, and had just ran for quite a distance behind the ute trying to keep up with them before I took pity on him and let him up for a ride.


The Peering Steers: fascination across the fenceline


Out cutting wood, the steers from across the boundary fence thundered up, stopped abruptly a few metres from the fence, then stamped and stared while the chainsaw buzzed.

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Woolshed Love Affair: a new perspective on an old favourite


For a while, now, I have admired a certain little woolshed near where I live, featured in earlier posts that you can see here and here. Today I got to see it from a new perspective – from inside the paddock in which it sits, as I rode behind the grain truck in the fire unit while I was helping with harvest.

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Bill’s Beauties: a classic collection in country Victoria

P8193486 - collage

This is Bill: he lives in Leitchville, a dairying town north of Melbourne, just south of the Murray River. By chance, I drove past his front yard, and stopped – agog – as I took in all his tractors. After a minute of taking photos of his primer pink-painted number, Bill materialised with a grin from a back shed and introduced himself, and after a while we discovered that a neighbour of his once lived in my town. He was more than happy for me to take a wander and photograph whatever took my fancy, and as I was saying my goodbyes he invited me back another time for a proper tour of the area.

The people out here are gold!


My Good Steed: quite possibly the best companion for photographic adventures…


…and she never gets impatient or nags me to hurry up.

This shot was taken using my Olympus’ recently-appreciated “Diorama” art mode, then converted to focal black and white in Picasa.

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