Pathways to Harrow: the dinosaur at the gate


Last year I was involved with the first Pathways to Harrow project initiated and co-ordinated by the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre. The project involved five outstanding local women, and their stories of how they came to arrive and stay in the Harrow community; I was engaged as the designer and editor for the booklet that was produced.

This year the project continues with another five women, and today I went to visit one to start our journey – a shearer who was recently involved with Harrow’s widely publicised Ducks on the Pond at Clunie shearing fundraiser for charity. When I stepped out of my car to open the gate, I noticed there was a dinosaur attached to the fence. Naturally, I took its portrait.

When Googling “Pathways to Harrow” for this post, I was surprised to discover there’s a catalogue record for the booklet at the National Library of Australia. Bit chuffed, me (also surprised I didn’t realise, since I work in a library!)

You can read more about the Pathways to Harrow project here and here – the second link includes a radio podcast about P2H2013 with the project’s co-ordinator, Anita.

Please click image to view dinosaur full size.


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