Leafy Resting Place: old Falcon wagon 

I haven’t posted here for a while – sometimes life gets busy and you need to focus elsewhere. It’s been weird not posting, as I have posted most days since I started this blog, but I don’t feel that I’m going to be able to post regularly for a while. Please bear with me!


Goroke Garages: old XA

Old garages: they smell of dust and ancient motor oil, and contain many miracles of man’s ingenuity – from industrially manufactured items, to backyard engineered equipment and MacGyvered solutions to everyday problems (the simplest of which involve duct tape and tie wire). As a kid, I regularly accompanied my dad to the local garages, farm supply businesses, and farm machinery dealers on various errands, and quickly grew to love the atmosphere – and that quintessential scent – of them all.

This garage, owned by 30 year old Jade, was purchased when he was a young bloke of 19 for storage, and now contains a fairly orderly jumble of old cars – including this XA Falcon – and a few items he’s collected out of interest for himself.

Please click image to view full size.

Good Ole Boys: in monochrome

One of my favourite Falcon models,
the so-called “Fish Shop Falcon”.

Morris 8/40

Rambler headlights

Mach I – the only Mustang shape that turns my head!

LHD ‘Stang

Sunbeam Rapier

Humber Vogue