Harrow Open Gardens 2012: a few more statues



My favourite garden on the day had an abundance of statuary, and I was delighted – as you can probably tell – with all the naked ladies disporting themselves around the garden.

This lion’s head fountain was smaller than I’ve seen before, but the proportions seemed so perfect that I had the sense of this being set in a magical Liliputian garden.

Finally, I found this little pig cavorting in the flowers beneath a shady tree – apparently he lived at my house before My Good Man and I moved there. Maybe one day he’ll return!

Harrow Open Gardens 2012: worth a million statues

Today I had the pleasure of visiting four local gardens which were open to the public as a fundraiser for the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre, a health service provider which our remote community highly values, and which has recently been of great assistance to my family.

The grounds that I most enjoyed visiting was adorned by a number of statues of naked women, their placement in the English cottage garden a testament to the artistic flair of Rosebury’s owners, Jeff and Jenny Brow.

e. e. cummings may well have written that a pretty girl who is naked / is worth a million statues, but when no pretty naked girls are to be found, such a delightful statue as this ought not be overlooked.