Vegas & Rose Cafe: something wicked


Prior to heading to Ballarat for a couple of days’ free time, I did a bit of research online (on instagram mainly) to find some great foodie destinations that wouldn’t send me broke. Vegas and Rose on Humffray Street North did not disappoint.
After entering the tiny sunlit cafe and finding a quiet seat to consider the menu, I took in the eclectic mix of retro furnishings and displayed ephemera, bespoke leather accessories, and gorgeous eatables. The pumpkin soup (served in a vintage styled enamel pannikin) with generously buttered sourdough toast was very satisfying, and the tiny Vietnamese iced coffee I took for the road was utterly delicious.
Next time I’m going to save room for a toothsome piece of something sweet, like these glories on the counter. My rating: 5 stars.

This was my first time using the GX7’s in-camera ‘high key’ filter, which seemed perfect for the situation.


Lighting The Dark: “Mother’s Love” rose


My friend, Kerry, has planted Mother’s Love roses across her period home’s front verandah. Wandering around at dusk, I enjoyed how they seemed to glow in the encroaching gloom.

Panasonic Lumix GX7, 20mm f1.7, Dynamic Monochrome filter in camera – no further edits.

Fletcher Jones Gardens: light in the gloom


You camera collectors out there, you know that feeling when you use a camera with IQ that’s less than you like, but nevertheless surprises you with how good it is considering? That, coupled with an utterly joyous shooting experience is why I love my imperfectly perfect Fujifilm X10 compact camera.
This image was shot with in-camera black and white film simulation mode, and slight contrast and structure adjustments applied in Snapseed app.

Aloha Rose!


My climbing rose, Aloha, is finally making progress (although not of the climbing kind) and putting on some buds. They start out a deep pinky orange, turning all shades of pink and apricot as they unfurl. It seems a bit unfair to tell you this, while presenting you with a monochrome image, but that’s life.

Please click image to view full size.

Rose Study: David Austin in my garden

PA204754-001 collage

Spring has sprung with a kind of sudden joyful ferocity in my garden, and the roses I pruned (my first time) a few months ago have grown long stems which are heavy with fat buds. This David Austin rose has delicate pink blooms with a very sweet fragrance that reminds me of freesias.

Everything’s rosy in my garden right now!

Please click image to view full size.

Oh, Mister Lincoln!

This morning when I was out cutting roses, I suddenly remembered to look for Mister Lincoln, who was given to me by a dear friend when we moved here. Despite other roses flourishing in the garden, in the past two and a half years since planting him, he hasn’t looked at all happy, and I was planning to move him in the new year. So, when I turned from the prolifically-flowering Rugosa type pink rose and caught sight of this solo bloom at the top of a very tall stem – with not a single other bud to be seen – I exclaimed “Oh, Mister Lincoln!” And then promptly cut off his head. 

The fabulous bloom is now perfuming my home with its heavy scent.