An Exemplary Design: feeding yourself despite being rooted to the ground 

Carnivorous plants are incredibly well designed, created, evolved, call it what you will: I rarely see one of our tiny native sundews without a gobful of insect treat!


Nature Strip Adventure: nature takes over 

I’m no gardener – the dead shrubs and knee-high weeds attest to that fact – but I am fortunate to have a terrific bit of nature strip that is home to a gorgeous natural garden. Exploring there today, I found the population of Drosera sundew plants has exploded recently, completely carpeting the ground in places. These carnivores are tiny, but quite capable of fending for themselves; most times when I take a photo of one, it’s only when I zoom in that I see how successful they are at luring prey.

Panasonic Lumix GX7 with Panasonic-Leica 45mm (90mm equivalent) macro lens. Straight out of camera.

My Favourite Carnivore: scented sundews

00 2015

I’ve always been quite delighted by the sticky-fingered sundew (Drosera sp.) that grows throughout Victoria. With my new Fujifilm X10 in hand, I decided to try out the super macro mode for some flower shots. While I’m not finding it as easy to nail the focus as with the Olympus XZ-2, there is something quite magical about the ethereal loveliness of the images it makes.

Harrow Open Gardens 2012: worth a million statues

Today I had the pleasure of visiting four local gardens which were open to the public as a fundraiser for the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre, a health service provider which our remote community highly values, and which has recently been of great assistance to my family.

The grounds that I most enjoyed visiting was adorned by a number of statues of naked women, their placement in the English cottage garden a testament to the artistic flair of Rosebury’s owners, Jeff and Jenny Brow.

e. e. cummings may well have written that a pretty girl who is naked / is worth a million statues, but when no pretty naked girls are to be found, such a delightful statue as this ought not be overlooked.