A wedding, and the rollercoaster ride from self-confidence to misery and back

ImageOften in my personal photography, there is an element of self-confidence – or rather, the lack thereof – and comparison with others that is quite destructive. Sometimes I find, most usually after spending hours taking photos, that when I get home and download them, I am quite disappointed. Any confidence I may have had in my work during the shoot quickly dissolves into misery.

ImageTwo nights ago, as I feverishly downloaded photos I had just taken at a friend’s wedding, I realised with growing panic that I had chosen inappropriate settings for many shots – while they looked great on the LCD screen, they didn’t translate well on the laptop’s screen. Despondent, I began to do some basic editing – cropping, black and white conversion, adding some vintage effects. But as I worked, I began again to feel a connection to my photos and the events of the day. Now I was beginning to feel buoyant again, even though the amazing treasure trove I had hoped to return with seemed to have lost some of its glimmer. It was like gradually falling in love again with something I’d once discarded.Image

In the end, my photography is all about me and my experience. If it doesn’t look like some professionals’ work, that’s because it’s not. It’s my work.Image

I need to remember to persevere, even when the chips appear to be down, and to also accept the valuable lessons that experience teaches.Image