The Cutest Disguise: when a swashbuckler is as cute as a kitten


Westley Farmboy Chickenator is doing a good job training to replace Pugsley. He loves to eat pretty much anything, including spiders and other small things that try to run away, and he caught and ate his first fly the other day. Good boy.

Named for Westley (“farmboy”) in the MGM film The Princess Bride, Westley Chickenator is equal to his namesake’s swashbuckling feats, causing mayhem and havoc around our home; he’s also handy with a touch screen. And just like our movie hero, this kitten is really a softy at heart, and loves to snuggle into My Good Man’s crotch region after a full day’s sword-fighting on the high seas. I swear that’s not as weird as it sounds.

As an aside, how much does this photo look like the kind of selfy you’d expect to find on Facebook?