In Dire Straits (we got to move these colour TVs)

We got to install microwave ovens

Custom kitchen deliveries

We got to move these refrigerators

We got to move these colour TVs 

This is one of my favourite shots from our recent fog day out – as soon as I saw the TV, this Dire Straits song Money for Nothing flooded my brain. I was glad to have worn rubber boots, so I could wade into the river. 


On Pajero Road: cobwebs and dew drops 

Sundays are great for drives in the country, even when one lives in the country! This morning a thick fog had cloaked the landscape, and stayed until after midday, so we meandered along gravel tracks, stopping many times for photos.

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with 14-140mm lens. Edited with Snapseed app. 

Grey fog

Driving home from work, I was struck by yet another dramatic Wimmera sky. Most often the dramatic skies we are treated to are dominated by ranks of clouds, like in the opening scene to The Simpsons, or feature darkly intense masses of cloud to the east while the foreground is bathed gold with late afternoon sunlight.

Tonight’s amazing sky, however, was dramatic in a very understated way, as the whole landscape was overlaid by a haze, like smoke from far distant fires, or a kind of grey fog, lending it an eerie quiet. As I drove past a gum tree I have often admired – frequently wondering how to best capture it – I was compelled to stop and back up. I left the motor running as I leapt out, jogged to the fence, and took a few quick snaps, taking advantage of the diffusing effect the haze created.