Oh, Mister Lincoln!

This morning when I was out cutting roses, I suddenly remembered to look for Mister Lincoln, who was given to me by a dear friend when we moved here. Despite other roses flourishing in the garden, in the past two and a half years since planting him, he hasn’t looked at all happy, and I was planning to move him in the new year. So, when I turned from the prolifically-flowering Rugosa type pink rose and caught sight of this solo bloom at the top of a very tall stem – with not a single other bud to be seen – I exclaimed “Oh, Mister Lincoln!” And then promptly cut off his head. 

The fabulous bloom is now perfuming my home with its heavy scent.


Vintage Botanica

While editing photos from a wedding I attended yesterday, I wondered how to make the flower images – shot in very low light conditions under a marquee – more interesting.

The image of roses in a blown-glass vase against a dark background, above, had some vignetting applied in Picasa, then a colour effect and border applied in Pixlr-o-matic.

The image above was quite unremarkable, until I tried applying the infrared effect in Picasa; suddenly, it reminded me of early photographic processing styles I had seen in books. I scaled back the filter, so that some colour remained, then applied an effect in Pixlr-o-matic to warm the colours slightly.

Another unremarkable image in colour, the bokeh behind the rosebud, above, was what caused me to keep this image despite there being no single point of clear focus.

Finally, the grainy black and white shot – also unfocussed – is straight out of the camera. I kept it because I like how the grain works in low-light photos where there is good contrast between the light subject and the dark background.