My Good Man: just your everyday hero

My Good Man has many wonderful qualities, including being thoughtful, a good provider, a much faster and better dishwasher and general cleaner than I, and an all-round handy and pleasant fellow to have about the place. It’s also his job to make me laugh every day, and he takes it quite seriously.

Despite not appreciating my photography, he supports me doing whatever makes me happy, and sometimes even pretends to listen when I start raving about why I think a particular photo does, or doesn’t, work. I, in turn, do not appreciate his favourite sport: Aussie Rules Football; nevertheless, I support his right to play it – despite the groaning I do about having to get used to being a “football widow” every season, my increasing reluctance to attend his games, and the annoyance I feel at having to give up watching something on TV because the footy’s (always)on.

I will be delighted when he decides to stop playing for good, even though I know I will then lose him immediately to fishing. But it was with pride that I sent him off last night to the presentation night for the league his team plays in, and he returned having been awarded Third Best and Fairest for the 2012 season. Congratulations, my hero!