Mad About Rust: fuel pump study

P1186737 collage

As much as I love the black and white image of this “debonair” fuel pump, I also love these colour images, as they show off its beautifully rusted patina against the lush green of the trees in the summer landscape.

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Grace and Dignity: old fuel pump in a park


Yesterday I visited the home of a couple in their eighties, who are as gracious and stately as their home, which is surrounded by open parkland before the landscape merges with their farmland.

As I drove in I noticed, not for the first time, this handsome old fuel pump, surrounded by deciduous trees; it put me in mind of a debonair Fred Astaire-type  in top hat and tails, so I gave it the black and white treatment.

I had the Olympus 15mm f8 body cap lens on, which I’m not really loving, but the light was strong enough for the images to be acceptable, particularly as I was shooting using the Grainy Black and White art mode.

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