Coleraine Eucalyptus Arboretum: leaf in colour



Tree Bark Tiles: admiration of a grand old gum tree

P5180826 collage

It’s easy to become blase about our natural surroundings, and to take for granted that which others may no have the privilege of experiencing on a daily basis. Where I live, red gums are prolific: indeed, I live in a town with a river (barely larger than a creek) which is thickly bordered by red gums.

Out collecting firewood in a farm paddock, I often like to take a moment to examine the tree which has shed limbs that give us warmth. One particular tree yielded up these images (and dozens more) just on one branch.

How about some tiles like these in your kitchen?

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La Vie et la Mort: further explorations


Following the previous project, I decided to elaborate by switching back to using my PEN, while sticking to the square format, then importing the images to my phone so I could process the shots using the Vignette app, as before.

Unsurprisingly, the images we’re generally sharper and better exposed.

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Harrow Open Gardens 2012: colour madness

While most of the photos I took at the open gardens yesterday were shot using the XZ-1’s grainy black and white Art Mode, I had a bit of fun processing these few colour images using Picasa and Pixlr-o-matic, and was pleased with how they turned out.